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Bryce Hall Got His Ass Beat By Former UFC Champion Vitor Belfort

I've seen a lot of dumb things on the internet, but this video is up there. Bryce Hall decided to spar against former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Vitor Belfort, who co-holds the UFC record for most KOs at 12 (both Derrick Lewis and Belfort have 12 KOs).

After getting your shit rocked from Austin McBroom, how is your next decision to get into a ring against a legit manimal (yes, that's man-animal). Vitor is a vicious fighter and possesses some of the most power the UFC has ever seen. He's clearly not going all out against Bryce here. If he did, I think Bryce Hall's body would just explode faster than Squidward when he ate (1) million krabby patties.

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Luckily for Bryce, it also seemed like they were just throwing body shots because there's no way in hell Bryce Hall steps into that ring without headgear.

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Not many people would get into a ring with Belfort, so I gotta give Bryce some credit there. However, his whole brand of being the "bad boy" of Tiktok, couldn't be in worse shape after getting dominated by Austin McBroom. Oh that's right, he's not a fighter though…

Over 40 street fights BUT he's never claimed to be a fighter….okay

Circling back to Austin McBroom, there's a lot of drama going on after that fight…