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Someone Created An Actual "GetCalicoCutPants.Com" Website From "I Think You Should Leave" Where You Can Actually GIVE And All The Money Goes To Charity

How great is this? One of the funniest skits from Season 2 of "I Think You Should Leave" came to life with an awesome message. We've all had the problem where we take 4 seconds for a 6 second piss and get some drops on our pants, it happens. was the best fake website out there until it became real. If you've seen the show you know they created a fake website for guys who piss on their pants to tell others that IT'S NOT piss on their pants, its just the pattern. But you had to give or it went dark, it's like PBS. You couldn't actually buy pants from the website, all the pants looked like they were sold out. You have to give. GetCalicoCutPants.Com is an actual website you can go to that is an exact replica of and you did want to give you can actually donate to charity. There is a venmo button at the bottom that takes you to the link to donate directly to the Chicago coalition for the homeless. An awesome gesture that was all started by a skit on a sketch comedy show. Now if we could just get some real Dan Flashes shirts to go with the Calico Cut pants.