They Played Video Game Scores From Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Monster Hunter, Sonic, And More At The Opening Ceremonies

Video games have finally made their way into the Olympics! But, maybe not in the way you think...This morning, countries were introduced with video game soundtracks playing in the background during the Opening Ceremonies for the 2020 (2021?) Tokyo Olympics.

People underestimate how large of an influence that video games have had on Japanese pop culture. Consider this fact, Japanese athletes get excited to meet Japanese esports athletes. It's America in reverse - imagine Giannis being hype to meet Ninja. Just a different world.

I've seen a lot of unexpected ring entrances from MMA fighters or boxers, but these entrances may take the cake. I never thought I was going to wake up and hear video game soundtracks behind Italy entering the Olympics! (I also didn't know the Olympics introductions were today, but that's a different story).

My question to you, if you were walking into the Olympics, what video game soundtrack would you want playing throughout the stadium? I'm going with Need For Speed Underground 2 - Riders on the Storm. That entire NFS Underground 2 soundtrack is absolute fire. This is undeniable. What's your pick?

PS: As crazy as this sounds, we are close to video games become legit Olympic events. The Olympics this year will feature Rocket League and Street Fighter V in some capacity, but it doesn't feel fully integrated into the Olympic event rotation. In the future, I could absolutely see games like CS:GO, Valorant, Fortnite, etc. as Olympic events with esport athletes representing their countries. Every year that passes, this oddity seems closer and closer to become a reality.

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