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Superstar WR Davante Adams and the Packers Have Reportedly Broken Off Contract Extension Talks And Are in a Bad Place

Quinn Harris. Getty Images.

Well this shitty day just got way worse. Just days before training camp gets going in Green Bay, Davante Adams and the Packers have broken off contract extension negotiations. There's likely two parts to this. On one hand, the money doesn't make sense for Green Bay in a situation where Davante is likely asking for somewhere around $28-30 mill a year, which would make him the highest paid receiver in the game, topping Nuke's deal that he signed before the start of last season. You're gonna have to pay Elgton Jenkins and Jaire top dollar very soon. You just gave Bahk the biggest of bags. Aaron Jones got paid as well. There's only so much money to go around and at some point you have to make a few hard decisions. First one came with letting all pro center Corey Linsley walk. This seems to be the next one and let me tell ya it SUCKS. 

The other side of the coin is that Aaron Rodgers is very likely not in the future of the Packers after all this shit that's happened. As good personnel wise Green Bay is everywhere else, Jordan Love is looking more and more by the day the starting QB of this team moving forward. That's not great for the present. Maybe in a few years he develops into something solid, but he's 100% a project right now. If Adams wants to be in a place to contend for Super Bowls, Green Bay is likely not the place to be. I think the money is the giant factor here, but the whole Rodgers drama ain't helping. 

Maybe it's all a waiting game to see what ends up happening with Rodgers? Either way fuck Mark Murphy for letting it get to this point. Guy is a clown and should be out of a job. Front office is a complete joke. Davante Adams is the best receiver in football, period. It's incredible to watch him separate from DBs at the line of scrimmage and free himself to make ridiculous grabs. He's absolutely worth every penny. Watching 12 find 17 in the end zone was unbelievable over the years. As in sync as it gets, always on the same page no matter how bad a play breaks down. Now the Packers have reached a point where most likely Rodgers and Adams are playing for different teams in a year. Awesome. Just fucking awesome. I'm straight up not having a good time.