Bring It On - A Self-Declared Time Traveler Claims 7-foot Aliens Will Land On Earth May 24, 2022 And Immediately Start A War

[Source] - The adventurer, who goes by the name "futuretimetraveller" on TikTok, revealed some of the details of the "extraterrestrial species" and bizarrely claimed they will "spark war" with humans.

The video shows a blue sky in the background with large-font captions, which read: "What you call Aliens will make their first appearance on Earth next year.

"The exact date they are first sighted is May 24, 2022."

Yeah, I think aliens are real but one thing I don't ever believe in are these set dates. We've seen so many claims of the world ending on certain dates or something like this. I don't believe it. I also don't believe in time traveling, although can we get some science on moving this forward? Here's the real thing. If there are 7-foot aliens coming to Earth, Leon Rose better get to work. Ever hear of Space Jam (the original, not the one that sucks)? Get aliens on the court and we're winning an NBA title. Gotta combat these 7 foot aliens one way or another. 

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You get an alien in that wing spot next to Randle and RJ and we don't need to worry about trading for Dame. Pretty simple math there. Something tells me a 7-foot alien can ball, especially if they've been wandering around Earth or watching us. Think about every single guy in the world. We all do one thing specific. We walk by a low hanging ceiling or sign or something and we break out a little layup or dunk move. They should be able to replicate that. 

Now, I don't mean to be brash in my headline. I want to be on the side of aliens here just to be safe. I'm someone who tends to be friends with most people I meet, even you Louisville fans. I'll make fun of you but it's all out of love. I also prefer not to be abducted. I'm good sitting in my recliner in my basement and soon to be office when I move. Let me chill here while you do your thing aliens. If I have any more questions I'm just going to ask Zah. 

We don't need war, aliens. Just play some hoops, hang out with us. Maybe have a couple drinks, feel like you have a pretty set pickup line being a 7-foot alien. Chicks love tall guys. Tommy loves tall chicks (allegedly). There's room for everyone here. See you in May, just be nice.