50 Chick Fil A Nuggets are not 50 Chick-n-minis: Way More Food

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We have all seen the video of Giannis ordering 50 piece chicken nuggets after dropping 50 to win a championship. BUT HE DOES NOT ORDER NUGGETS!

But many are asking, How hard is it to eat 50 Chick Fil a nuggets? Well people have been trying but all making the same mistake.

See many who are trying to imitate Giannis are ordering 50 Chik-fil-a nuggets, not chicken minis, which are actually larger than the nuggets and have buns.

So if we do the math on this. 1 nugget is 32 calories, 1.4 g of fat, 1.4g of carbs, and 3.4g of protein. 

1 chicken mini is 80 calories, 3.25g fat, 10.25g carbs, and 4.75g protein.

So doing some more math

Pft Consumed: 1152 calories, 50.4g fat, 50.4g carbs, and 122.4g protein.

Anyone who ate 50 nuggets consumed: 1600 calories, 70g fat, 70g carbs, and 170g of protein.

Giannis who ate 50 chick-n-minis ate: 4,000 calories, 162.5g fat, 512.5g carbs, and 237.5g protein.

So everyone has been thinking Giannis ate less than half of what he actually ate. 


The Chick-n-minis are supposed to be a breakfast item at Chik-fil-a the buns are a yeast bread with a honey coating. 

As I mentioned yesterday. Giannis put on 50 lbs while in America. The man has a super-fast metabolism and it all has become lean mass. You can’t do that on a regular diet, Giannis’s ability to consume large amounts of calories is in my opinion probably his greatest athletic skill. 4,000 calories in a sitting are no joke. In comparison, it is only a fifth of what Joey Chestnut did on July 4th with 20,000 calories.