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Giannis' 50 lb Transformation, Explained

Last night I was tagged several times in this post asking if Giannis was on steroids after gaining 51lbs while in the league.

Now everyone is very quick to say steroids when they see a transformation like this, but no one is factoring in 3 things when it comes to Giannis:

1.Grew 3 inches

2. 10 years difference

3. The dude loves America, especially its bountiful cuisine

Giannis appeared in his first game at 18 years old. The average man stops growing between 18-21. He was drafted at 6'8 and within 2 years he grew to 6'11'. 

This height gain would definitely attribute to weight gain, but a guy that size is going to have a seriously fast metabolism that would make it hard to fill out that super large frame. 

Guys with large frames fluctuate in weight way easier, I have known certain people to have 30 lb fluctuations in 3 months (Big Cat). 

The secret to Giannis' weight gain would most likely be his avid work ethic combined with an insatiable appetite for carb-rich American foods that easily made him operate at a caloric surplus while under an intensive NBA strength and conditioning program.

Here he discovers smoothies, a great source of nutrition and gainz.

Next we see he finds another high calorie high protein meal.

Here we see he is drinking that would make sure he stayed in a caloric surplus.

He is just a consumption machine.

Giannis was just enjoying all the fine dining of the Wisconsin area. 

Basically, Giannis's weight gain was sort of like a college freshman eating all the calories of the freshman 15 but 100x that. Instead of being a high school kid experiencing college, you were from humble beginnings in a European country without all the genetically engineered and hormone-pumped food in America, and for the first time in your life, you had some spare money in your pocket that you spent on crazy junk food. Also, the guidance of an NBA team to make sure you were turning all those calories into muscle. 

also doesn’t look like he’s going to stop eating those calories. He’s trying to get free chik-fil-a for life. 

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