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The TikTok Trend of Celebrity Lookalikes Has Gifted Us an Amazingly Spot-On Scarlett Johansson Doppleganger

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At the risk of letting my Boomer show, I'm still struggling to find a logical reason for TikTok to exist. I admit I hear it come up in normal conversation more and more. People are telling me about useful purposes it can serve, like quality comedy bits or the recipes my kids have found. So while I acknowledge I might be able to get into it, it seems to me that there are much better platforms for finding such things. Platforms where you don't have to navigate through a billion seven second videos of attractive girls lip syncing that are nothing more than the internet's empty calories. 

But there's hope. In the form of Celebrity Lookalike accounts. The prime example being the uncanny Pam Beesley account that took the world by storm last year:

I joined millions of you down the rabbit hole of that one. And now I present this one, a downright spooky version of Scarlett Johannson:

Men's Health -  In turns out this lookalike is actually a 24-year-old from Russia. Her name is Kate, or, as she calls herself on TikTok, Kate Johansson. Nice.

She specializes in dressing up as Natasha Romanoff a.k.a Black Widow, regularly posting videos of her wearing a red-haired wig and a Black Widow costume.

Judging from the fact she now has over six million followers, TikTok has gone absolutely wild for her.

And I can't say as I blame them.

She's even found someone who would have zero problem passing for Johansson's "Black Widow" co-star, Florence Pugh. And that is not something easily pulled off:

These two look so much like their celebrity versions that ScarJo and FloPu (I swear to you a buddy of mine referred to her that way in a text earlier) wouldn't be offended if they appeared as them at Disney or the inevitable "Black Widow" porn parody. (Working title: "Blacked Widow"? "Backdoor Widow"? I'll work on it.) If this is what TikTok brings to the social media table, than it will serve some sort of purpose that justifies its existence. 

It's deep in our race for us to be interested in people who can look and act like famous people. Without it, we wouldn't have half the entertainment in Vegas. Or Frank Caliendo. And Times Square pedestrians would be free from harassment. Plus, with Kate Johansson, the Pam Beesly girl or this Jennifer Anniston lookalike:

… you get a sexy cosplay element to go with it. So more smokes who look like other, more famous smokes please, TikTok. Then all will be forgiven.