It Sucks That Kris Bryant Is Getting Traded But At Least He Made Time For Barstool Chicago On The Way Out

I'm not trying to get emotional but there's an extremely small chance Kris Bryant is a Cub by the end of the this month. It would take a cocktail of perfect circumstances: poor organizational decision making, an improbable 12 game winning streak, a simultaneous double digit losing streak from the Brewers, a newfound appreciation for one of the franchise's most successful players and, of course, a sudden willingness to compensate him appropriately. Then - and only then - could we even remotely hope the Cubs keep Kris Bryant. 

Obviously that's not happening. The Cubs are definitely going to perpetuate this years-long fumble into his remaining days. There's no reason to expect a 12-game win streak much less a 3-gamer against Lane Tech's jv squad at this point. The Brewers just won 3 in row to start the 2nd half after resting the best pitching staff in the NL while the distance between KB and the Cubs reaches an all-time high. Javy wants $200M while Rizzo can't get a ham sandwich. Do the math and you see why the probability KB stays is practically absolute zero. 

I say practically because I'm still holding out 1% of 1% of 1% of hope that something happens. Even if that's stupid on every single level of this situation, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that a miracle keeps KB in Chicago. That's the meatball sports fan first. My heart wants to live in a world where Kris Bryant is a Cub. 

Unfortunately, every functioning brain on this planet would say that's not happening. And as a proud owner of a somewhat functioning brain, I agree. It's not happening. We're preparing to say goodbye. It blows. 

To that end, Kris comes on Red Line Radio this week to catch up. Just a couple of friends (his words) shooting the shit about life and baseball and how baby blue might be his lasting legacy in Chicago. The first blog I ever wrote for Barstool was a scouting report on the Cubs 2nd over draft pick in 2013: Kris Bryant. 9 seasons later I got to do a 1-on-1 with him as he makes his way out of town. We're not launching a podcast together but that's a pretty cool moment for me on a personal level. Not being a pussy just saying this was a nice big content circle with one of my club's all time greats. 

I also ended up competing in the Red Bull obstacle course against Kris's times. Video of my efforts inbound but you can see him rip it up here. Guy looks absolutely magnificent fielding grounders and taking BP. 

Our interview is out later this week on Red Line Radio and Barstool Chicago YouTube. You can click either hyperlink to subscribe. Some people say it's a great podcast. 

Please find out for yourself. 

PS - I really need to blow the Rizzo ball up. Hit me up if you're in pyrotechnics responsibly.