Justin Fields Saved A Chicago Gunshot Victim From Certain Death Because The Guy Wanted To Live So Bad To See Fields Be A Franchise Quarterback

(670 The Score) - Scott Morrow, a diehard Bears fan and Chicago resident who was shot and seriously wounded on June 20, recently shared the story on the Parkins & Spiegel Show of how he couldn't die before seeing rookie quarterback Justin Fields play.

“Within a couple moments, I thought well, I’m 41, pretty much all of Chicago has gone our whole lives without even having great prospects for a franchise quarterback, I can’t die before seeing Justin Fields take the field, man," Morrow said of his thoughts while being transported in the ambulance to the hospital.

Classic diehard in every sense of the word. Takes a single gunshot wound to the back and his gripping reality on the way down is that Justin Fields is worth fighting for life. Some of us call this divine intervention. The prophecy has been bestowed upon us. This is God sending a message that Justin Fields is a modern day savior. Scott Morrow didn't see his life flash before his eyes as he confronted death. Scott Morrow saw the future and it was filled with #1 holding the Lombardi trophy. 

And if that's too dramatic, then maybe all he saw was a jersey swap meet-n-greet with #1 and HIS PARENTS

We're checking a lot of boxes and it's only July 20th of his rookie season. I don't even know if he's put on a full uniform yet, but he's absolutely murdering public relations. Even if I'm hopelessly biased because I have no choice to believe otherwise... you can't objectively tell me this isn't awesome. 

As for Scott, he was shot in the back while walking down the street during a festival in Humboldt Park. He was one of FOURTEEN PEOPLE shot at this festival. It's embarrassing and pathetic how much this city sucks. So maybe help put some positive into the world and help Scott with his medical bills. Guy just fought through trauma to watch the Bears go 8-9. He could use some help. 

Speaking of money Justin Fields is +400 to win ROY. It's illegal for me to tell you that's free money so I won't. But it's a good bet. Some would even say sharp.