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Tom's Brady's Body Coach Expects Him To Play At Least Two More Years

Brett Duke. Shutterstock Images.

Fittingly the World Champion Buccaneers are visiting the White House today. After all, that's all Tom Brady does, win rings. With his 7th ring secured, his trainer Alex Guerrero went on the Adam Schefter podcast and dropped this little nugget about Brady's future:

It shouldn't come as a crazy surprise. After all, Brady did re-do his contract to include an extension. 

But with a Quarterback who will be 44 years old when the season starts, it's always a question of how long he can keep this up. I can tell you from personal experience, the TB12 Method definitely helps you feel a lot better, and I only did it for five weeks. So who knows, maybe he'll play three more seasons. Four? It's crazy how he continues to battle Father Time.