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TB12 Method: Final Weigh In

I did it. Five full weeks on the TB12 Method. I made a pledge as soon as the regular season was over and I accomplished my two goals getting some good juju for Tom Brady and the Buccaneers and looking better via diet and regular exercise. I ate according to TB12's approved grocery list, drank over half my weight (in oz) of water every day, did over 1,000 push-ups/week, and rode on the Peloton at least six days a week. And If you think my eating according to Tom Brady's standards had zero effect on the team's success, you have a giant dump in your pants. I am a very superstitious fan and if you like me or hate me, that's fine, but you simply cannot deny I put everything I had into this playoff run.

The before and after was very noticeable. My total weight loss was 12.9 lbs. in 35 days. I lost three inches off my waist

It was a great experience and I would thoroughly endorse the TB12 Method as a great way to get healthier. The time for prep and extra dollars on groceries (30-40% more expensive in my estimation) can be daunting, but if you can do it, this does work. And I'm the proof along with a certain 43-year old Quarterback who is playing incredible football.

We also taped a pod this morning for Going Deep, so if you want to here more about the Super Bowl and our full interview with Super Bowl Champion, Bucs DT Steve McLendon including the wildest NFL trade story you'll ever here, check us out here: Apple, Spotify