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It's Playoff Time And I Will Be Going On The TB12 Method Diet Until The Buccaneers Win The Super Bowl Or Are Eliminated

The Buccaneers haven't made the post-season since the 2007 season. I was a senior in college and we lost to the eventual Super Bowl Champion New York Giants at home. That seems like forever ago. The team was Quarterbacked by Jeff Garcia for reference. I'm now 34 years old, married with a kid and will be doing everything I can for good karma in the playoffs. We're going to enjoy this win tonight, but beginning tomorrow, we're fully in post-season mode and I will be going on the TB-12 diet. 

After reading the book, it's fairly manageable. The main tenants are cutting out processed foods and anything with added sugars. A big emphasis is shopping organic and local if possible.

The two hardest things for me will be: getting eight hours of sleep per night and drinking at least half your weight in ounces of water. For example, I weigh about 205-210 lbs. So I must drink at least 105 oz. of water per day, ideally water with electrolytes. Tom Brady drinks at least 150 oz. water a day and on days he has games or is very active, he'll double that. I mean look at this behemoth this guy drinks out of:

In addition the diet, I'll be re-starting the 1k push-ups/week and doing Peloton 6+ days/week to crush this #JackedJanuary. If you'd like to participate yourself, shoot me a DM on twitter with your email and I'll send you my newly revised "Sheet of Accountability Playoff Edition" tracker. LFG!