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It's Pretty Wild That Giannis Could Officially Stamp His Ticket To The Hall Of Fame By The Age Of 26

As you can expect, Giannis is doing everything he can to stay mentally present and not think too much about what will happen tomorrow if the Bucks close these Finals out at home in front of their own fans. Things should be absolute mayhem with the Bucks expanding the Deer District to 50,000 fans tomorrow night

What a scene that has the potential to be. 

So while I respect Giannis for not wanting to get ahead of himself, I feel like I can. Let's say the Bucks close this out and he wins Finals MVP (as he should, let's not do this shit w/ Khris Middleton). This is his resume at the age of 26

- 5x All Star

- 5x All NBA

- 4x All Defense

- 1x DPOY

- 2x MVP

- 1x Champion

- 1x Finals MVP

- 1x MIP

Think of the caliber of players that have similar resume's by 26. It without a doubt puts him in that MJ/LeBron/Kobe/Bird/Kareem group of insane accomplishments by that age. You just don't see it all that often. It probably has him around the top 20 all time already! That might sound crazy but I honestly believe it. To think that the Giannis we see now is the same person in this video

is wild. Yeah man, I think the Bucks are going to retire your number. Just a hunch. 

Then you factor in how he won it. Staying loyal to the only team he's ever known. Not needing a super team to do it or needing to rely on a big market to attract blue chip players. Nobody demanded they be traded to the Bucks. That could have an impact on how the future of the league looks. Maybe guys won't feel the need to join super teams to win if Giannis & Co pull this off. That was the feeling before this year right? That if you weren't on a super team you had no shot. Well who the hell is calling the Bucks a super team? 

When you take a step back and think of how a Bucks title doesn't just impact Giannis' legacy and shuts up every single person who said you can't win with him being your #1, but also about how it could shape the future landscape of the league, it's a pretty big deal. That last part is also somewhat true if the Suns are able to come back. They weren't following the same super team formula either. 

It sounds selfish, but I want this thing going 7 games. I know it would be a bummer for Bucks fans to not be able to celebrate a win at home, but as someone with no rooting interest I just want the drama. Winning a title in a Game 7 only adds to the legend. It also sucks like you can't even imagine when your team loses one of those, I would know, but the drama is what it's all about. I want to see the best of the best have to play under the highest stakes possible. This series has been begging to go 7 games, and if Giannis can go on the road and win a title in a Game 7 with another monster performance, I mean just get started on his HOF bust already.