Tokyo Cockblocking Athletes

We have seen major Covid spikes in Japan leading up to the delayed 2020 Olympics. We have seen some of the measures Japan has taken regarding the distribution of condoms to athletes in the Olympic village. Besides only sending condoms home with the athletes in goodie bags, we see that Japan is now taking other courses of action to prevent the spread of the virus.

They are giving the athletes cardboard beds to prevent more than one person from sleeping together. Now, this is a pretty stupid way to prevent people from having sex. To be honest not only are there several creative ways to get around not using the bed, but remember that we are dealing with Olympic athletes...

Like this guy 

Shotputters are some of the absolute units of human beings. This guy is 6'7', 310, built like a left tackle. They are giving these guys cardboard beds? Like I guarantee that these beds only support up to 220 lbs. This is crazy because they are just going to have to give the larger athletes regular beds and defeat the whole purpose, meanwhile it seems the beds can support smaller individuals like this Irish gymnast.

This guy is 5'7 and I estimate around 160 lbs. These beds were made for small athletes like him. This whole situation is totally ridiculous because I guess no one in Japan knows you can have sex standing up. Like these guys are doing insane athletic feats, literally the best athletes in the world. Do you think these people even want to use a bed when hooking up? They are probably doing insane positions. Have you seen pommel horse?!