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Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff" Has Been Reimagined As A Broadway Show Tune And It Is Gold

This youtube channel, "There I Ruined It" has been a gold mine since I discovered it. They have one mission: to “lovingly destroy your favorite songs.”

The only issue is they haven't destroyed them. This is laugh-out-loud funny stuff. And catchy as fuck if we're being totally honest.

Listening to this makes me want Bizkit's entire catalog to get the same treatment. "Rollin'", "Nookie", "Faith", "N 2 Gether Now", Show Tune them all. Horns, tap dancing, plus ragtime are killer compliments to this 90s alt rock/rap classic.

Since we've been waiting 2 years already now for this Limp Bizkit reunion album, which Wes Borland recently said isn't coming anytime soon, this will have to make due. 

p.s. - some other gems they've done