Watch This When You're High - How They Built Ancient Venice Is Crazy

What’s good Dante. Hope you had a bitchin 4th and all is well.  

After Italy won the Euro today I went down an Italian History rabbit hole. Ended up in Venice then I remembered I had an episode of UNEARTHED locked n loaded in the DVR.

 If you’ve never seen the show it basically deconstructs a particular historical location with 3D models n shit. Anyway.. this episode was ‘Ghosts of Venice’ (S8E4 if anyone wants find it n stream it). Burned one down and was blown away at how the ancient Venetian architects created the city on marshy patches of mudclay. 

The episode does a deep dive obviously, but I found at 12min video on YouTube that does a good overview. Link below:

Scanned a few other related videos and figured why not throw it to you as an idea. 

- Viva, HR!

Thanks to @HR for the submission.

If you've ever been to Venice than you know how insane the concept of human beings building the architecture that's there 500 years ago is. Makes no sense. Zero idea how they did it and I can watch videos like this until I'm blue in the face and I still don't 100% think it was possible for them to do things back then, without technology and machine power we have today, that they did.

Thanks for the suggestion. Keep them coming. Keep it classy. No butt stuff.