We Are Reportedly Just Days Away From Damian Lillard Officially Requesting A Trade

Sam Forencich. Getty Images.

OK, that seems a little weird. What's the difference between requesting a trade now, right this second, compared to like…..Wednesday? Are we to believe Dame is actually going to make this trade request while Team USA heads off to the Olympics? Talk about distraction. I thought maybe there would be some new nuggets in that story so I clicked it and this is all it said

Now a source close to Lillard says that in the days to come, he plans to request a trade.

Maybe that's true. The idea of Dame wanting out isn't exactly new, it's been one of the biggest stories of the offseason. But this also happened just a few days ago

You read further in that post and it talks about one of his songs on Dame D.O.L.L.A and tried to make a connection there which sort of lost me but usually with these things where there's smoke there's fire. Dame said not to believe anything until it comes from him, and you could argue that this announcement that's on the way is just that. I just don't get delaying the timing. That source didn't say "after the Olympics". You know what's also going on during the Olympics? The NBA Draft. Is that maybe what the timing is based on? That's on July 29th. Maybe he feels he has to demand his trade before the draft so teams can offer their picks. That's certainly plausible.

Or, like a lot of the rumors surrounding Dame's future, they are just that. It would be pretty crazy if that happened, mostly because next season is Year 1 of his extension. Have we ever seen a team give a player the supermax just to immediately turn around and trade him? That defeats the whole purpose of the supermax! That shit is intended to keep guys around.

If it does happen, welcome to chaos. Every fanbase under the sun will be tweeting out terrible trade proposals where they give up all their shitty players and picks for Dame. You'll see a lot of Kyle Kuzma packages floated around there. Sixers fans will say Ben Simmons for Dame is even. Celtics fans will refuse to trade Jaylen Brown and will instead offer Romeo Langford. Maybe the Warriors actually do pull off something crazy with their picks and Wiggins. Just be read for it since it's what happens any time a big name player hits the trade market. 

Now, we wait

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