I Can't Lie, Hasbulla's Arch Nemesis Hugging These Penguins Is Pretty Damn Cute

I know this is sorta weird to say, because Abdu Rozik is like 18 or 19 years old at this point, but HE IS JUST ADORABLE! C'mon - that little pat on the back at the end?!

S'cute! It actually reminded me of how Trump used to hug the flag….

I'm not sure if/when the Hasbulla vs Abdu fight is even happening, unfortunately - it's like the Mayweather/Pacquaio of our generation at this point! 

They did a buncha pressers, hyped it, announced that it was happening 'within 3-4 days' at one point last month, and then stopped talkin about it altogether!

Abdu's non-fight related videos are pretty funny tho….

….and so are Hasbulla's….

….so I'm just glad we have these fellas in our lives now.