If You're Not Pooping To Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives Then You're Doing It (Pooping) Wrong

So yesterday I was summoned into the Yak to discuss a bunch of fun things included how Marina's went the other night, what happened over vacation week, and mostly how the first weekend at the Jersey Shore house went for all parties involved. 

The first topic of discussion was that apparently my beloved Mother swept the house when she dropped me off to make sure there's no possibility of paranormal happenings due to the fact that I'm *slightly* scared of ghosts & the house happens to be one of the oldest on the Jersey Shore. Now I wasn't aware of this, but I wouldn't be shocked as mom typically likes to make sure her only child is at ease at all times. Some may she spoils me. Not me, though.

We then of course got into one of the main struggles I endured on Barstool Vs. America which continued to the Barstool Vs. America house- pooping. Pooping big time. Now obviously everybody poops and that's just a fact of life, but when you're talking poop obviously the fats take the brunt of the heat so that adds a lot of pressure as well. The shore house only has 2 bathrooms, one being legit next to the kitchen, so it was a wee bit of a struggle on both the scent & volume forefront. I needed solutions. I made sure to purchase some after spray as soon as I got down there. One down. Volume's up next. So what was my solution? Fight volume of pooping with more volume & for that volume I happened to choose Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives.

I frequent Food Network's youtube page so the videos are right there when I open the app. Guy has a great voice along there's catchy (and loud) background music, and most importantly the food looks great. Sounds like a win/win to me. Sad the Yak disagrees. Not to mention fucking Owen say to just poop once when we're down there…ugh you want me to poop while were literally eating and drinking for 3 days straight? For sure not. I'm gonna go dial videos to have ready for this upcoming weekend.