Trey Mancini Shows Who The Better First Baseman Is And Knocks Out Matt Olson In Round 1 Of The Home Run Derby

LETS GOOOOOO!!!! Look at Trey pushing out 24 bombs and barely ending out Matt Chapman in Round 1. It was a tough draw for Trey, first batter to go in the derby, only 2 homers after the first minute. He called timeout and fucking turned it on. 24 bombs is a good number, I'll take that any day. He was GASSED after the first few swings and I can understand that. Altitude, plus everything his body has been through, it's a tough time for anyone to take that many swings up there. He had some absolute BOMBS and Chapman gave him a run but hit a few too far foul, you hate to see it! I shot Dallas a FaceTime and he was VERY upset about the foul balls. Trey also hit the 4th most homers EVER in the first round and that says something. That was a hell of a performance by Trey. 

It's hard not to root for Trey, I've blogged his story a billion times and I won't stop, it's the story of the year in sports right now. Stage 3 Colon Cancer a year ago and now he's in the second round of the derby. Give it up for my guy Trey! 

This reaction from Dallas is hilarious too. He better bend the knee and say who the better first baseman is. 


Trey moving on to round 2 to face Trevor Story, keep this going!