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If You Want To Get Better At Warzone Then You Have To Watch This Video

It must be Christmas because I have two videos for you today

The first video above is a comparison video for the Kar98k and Swiss K31. These 2 snipers are regarded as the two best snipers in Warzone (honorable mention SPR) because of their mobility. Mobility meaning the aim down sights speed (ADS) + the movement speed. A faster ADS is always better because you'll have a better advantage in gunfights compared to slower ADS. Same goes for movement speed - more movement speed = better flanks to outplay opponents and quicker speed around the map.

The second video "MRags Training Camp Part 4" is tailored to help you become better at Warzone. This video specifically talks about "centering" which is crucial to become better at ANY shooter video games. The center of your screen will always be where your gun aims, so the better you understand this concept, the better your shot will be in Warzone and other shooters. On top of that, I also discuss my best tips for sniping in Warzone so you can hit clips just like this.

Comment below or tweet me guns that you'd like me to compare in my next video!

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