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10 Movies and 3 Shows You Can Stream This Weekend

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1. The Game (NETFLIX): This is classic fincher with some of the better twists and turns you will ever see out of a thriller. If you've seen it before, it still hold up. If you haven't, I promise the ending is going to leave a deep impact on your memory. 

2. Talladega Nights (NETFLIX): This movie never fails to get a deep belly laugh out of me. Not just from the scenes I loved growing up watching it, but the ones I now appreciate as an adult. BUY A SHIRT! 

3. The 40-Year-Old Virgin (HBO MAX): Speaking of GOAT mid 2000s comedy, this is in that pantheon for sure. Great laughs and an all-star cast. What more can you want? 

4. Ocean's 11 (HBO MAX): After watching Soderbergh's newest movie, 'No Sudden Move', the first. thing I wanted to do was watch this classic. Arguably the best heist movie of all time and it only gets better with age. 

5. Lord of the Rings Extendos (HBO MAX): Watching even one of these will eat up a massive chunk of your weekend, so it is definitly an investment. That said, they are just so damn good. If you are a fan of LOTR, they give you so much more depth in each movie. If you're in a rainy or too-hot day, check 'em out. 

6. Hell or High Water (HULU): It remains one of my favorite movies of the last 10 years. Chris Pine, Ben Foster and Jeff Bridges are all individually incredible and make this movie one of the best ever neo-westerns. 

7. Caddyshack (HULU): It's Caddyshack, man. If you consider yourself a fan of comedies, it's must-watch. 


9: Windtalkers (PRIME VIDEOS):  This is one of those corny WW2 movies that I couldn't get enough of growing up. Nic Cage fighting in the pacific theater is and interesting enough draw to me, though. 

10. Black Widow (DISNEY PLUS (Premiere access)): I was lucky enough to go to a screener for this and I think you will enjoy it. Great action, great laughs and solid closure on the story of Black Widow. Plus, I think Florence Pugh is going to be come a new fan-favorite after. her performance in this. 

P.S. it will be paid streaming, but i HIGHLY recommend going to watch in a theater. The screening for this was the first TRUE "Movies are back" moment. There were a ton of shared laughs, oohs and ahhhhhs, and the experience was really just built for the theater. 


1. I Think You Should Leave S2 (NETFLIX): I think this season has about the same hit rate on skits as the first season, but the highs of the first season were definitly a bit higher. Regardless, still hysterical stuff within. 

2. Impractical Jokers (HBO MAX): I don't give a shit what anyone says, the Jokers make me laugh damn it. 

3. Loki (DISNEY+): Unless this show severely fucks it's finale, it is easly the best Marvel show so far and one of the best shows currently running period.