The Home Run Derby Bracket Is Out And We've Got Some Instant Classic Matchups On Our Hands

The MLB Home Run Derby field is finally set and we've got a great field to look forward to on Monday in Colorado. You've got a nice mix of lefty power with Shohei Ohtani, Juan Soto, Joey Gallo and Matt Olson. As well as some big boppers from the right side with Sal Perez, Pete Alonso, hometown boy Trevor Story and story of the derby, Trey Mancini. I'll highlight the matchups for you below, no need to thank me.

1. Shohei Ohtani vs 8. Juan Soto

This is the matchup with by far the most buzz. Shohei Ohtani leading baseball with his 32 homers vs another young stud in Juan Soto. Only 11 dingers for Soto this season but don't underestimate him. He's super strong, has a sweet swing and can get on a roll and put some out in a hurry. This is the matchup we all want to see, arguably the two biggest names in the derby, this would be an awesome finals matchup too. We're getting it in the first round but I can't complain because they're two of the best hitters in baseball. This is going to be a fantastic round, lots of long balls from these two. For sure the most anticipated matchup. 


4. Salvador Perez vs 5. Pete Alonso

Sal Perez is a sneaky good pick in this draft, he's been awesome this year and showing off the power. 20 home runs before the break which is only 7 short of his career high. Power has been on display this season for the backstop from KC. Pete Alonso is still the defending champion from the 2019 Derby and will for sure want to keep the crown. You want a big power guy who can send them flying in that altitude, Pete and his 15 homers is your guy. He's going to put on a show, that's for sure. With the way the ball flys there we'll see some sniffing 520 feet easy from Polar Bear. Perez isn't a sexy guy to watch hit homers but he'll be a fun guy to watch in Colorado.

2. Joey Gallo vs. 7. Trevor Story 

When we talk about big boppers we wanted to see in the Derby, Joey Gallo immediately comes to mind. Well our wish was granted because the man who hits absolute tanks is coming to Colorado as the 2 seed. 23 homers on the year and I think all of them have been at least 458 feet. It's crazy that this is his first derby, but that won't give him any nerves or anything, he's going to show up and perform. He hit 2 homers on the day he announced he was going to the Derby so you know he's ready. I expect some mammo shots off of the bat of Gallo, he may be the pick to win it all. The hometown team is well represented with Trevor Story. He's actually the only guy on the Rockies that you could even imagine of putting in the Derby but it worked out well. Guy hits tanks, thats really all there is to say. 11 homers on the season but he has the power to make a run, especially in his home ballpark where his home runs average 416 feet. Crowd will be behind him fully as he tries to bring it home like Harper did in 2018. 


3. Matt Olson vs 6. Trey Mancini 

This may be the undercover best first round matchup of the whole thing, two slugging first baseman in Trey Mancini and Matt Olson. Both can absolutely turn on a pitch and send it a long way. Matt Olson doesn't get the shine that he should because he plays out there in Oakland but holy shit does he have power. 21 homers on the season with a long of 445 feet. Since he came up in August of 2017 only 3 players have hit more home runs than Olson, he's consistently hitting taters. He's going to hit some shots into deep right field, you can count on that. And for me the best part of the Derby is Trey Mancini being in it. Not because he's a friend, because he's currently the best story in sports. Stage 3 colon cancer last year, 6 months of chemo and now he's performing on one of the biggest stages. This wasn't a pity invite, he was invited because he is really good at hitting home runs. He's got 15 on the year with a long of 451, he's got a sneaky powerful swing. If he's finding his grove he's going to left center and right center, that is when you know he's on. This will be my favorite round by far and I think we could get a nice run out of Trey. Will have to make some side bets and mix it up with Dallas on this one.

Overall I love the field, the late addition of Gallo and Soto is a slam dunk. Some big names, some less sexy names, but they're all big time power guys. With the new rules put in place of less time I think we can see the guys save some energy and still put up some big numbers. MLB also announced Coors Field won't use the humidifier for the Derby so RIP to those balls. The longest home run in Derby history measured by stat cast was 513 (yeah, okay) but I think that number is murdered this year. I'm talking by 15-20 feet. I think Ohtani and Gallo beat 513 easily, maybe Olson too. I'm jazzed up for the event and you should be too, if you're in Denver for the All Star game make sure to stop by and see the Starting 9 guys this week, will be a good old time. Just for shits and gigs give me Trey Mancini beating Pete Alonso in the finals, would be awesome to see!