Elon Musk Sells His Realestate Portfolio To Move Into A $50,000, 375-Square Foot Trailer In Texas So He Can Watch His Rockets Launch Into Space

Source - Elon Musk may be one of the world’s richest people, but he’s not living large.

After selling much of his real estate portfolio in the past year and listing his final property earlier this month to focus on his mission to Mars, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO is taking the phrase “live below your means” to another level.

Musk, who turned 50 in June, revealed in a tweet that he is now living in a humble $50,000 home that he rents from SpaceX on its launch site in Boca Chica, Texas.

The Tweet:

It’s rumored the entrepreneur, who was named the richest person in the world this year, is living in a 375-square-foot modular home worth exactly $50,000 from Boxabl, according to Musk fan blog Teslarati and the Houston Chronicle. The tiny homes are made up of the bare necessities: a living area, bathroom, bed and kitchen — all from a folded box.

There truly is no bigger asshole on the planet than Elon Musk. I know that Dave is (internet?) friends with him, but it's true. He's worth $167.3 BILLION and he's living in a home the size of my New York City apartment. Not only is that an insult to rich people everywhere, it's an insult to poor people. It's like he's trying to be something he's not. We get it, Elon, you're eccentric. You're not like the other billionaires, you're a "cool billionaire."  I honestly don't understand what he's trying to prove. That he can live like a regular person? 

Here's the house that he moved into....

You can check out pictures of it HERE. For comparison, here's what his contemporary, Jeff Bezos, lives in. The whole thing just feels so disingenuous. Also, if you're not going to use your money GIVE IT AWAY. You're not impressing anyone by living in a trailer. Apparently the entire reason he's doing it is to focus on his mission of "getting to Mars", whatever that means. Space travel in general is a waste of time. Oh well. We'll see how long Elon lasts living in the trailer. I'll give it a month max. Best of luck, E! You're going to need it.