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Remember The Iowa Wrestler Who Won A National Title On Zero ACLs? He + 100s More Became Barstool Athletes This Weekend

This clip went viral in March....Spencer Lee gave a phenomenal interview after winning a national title on zero ACLs.

"Excuses are for wussies..." I'm sure we know what he wanted to say, but he played by the rules. Wrestlers are just built differently.

Fast forward to July 3rd....Spencer Lee is now a part of Barstool Athletes Inc.

The double champ of UFC and former gold medalist Henry Cejudo approved of the move:

Spencer is one of the many dominant wrestlers we've introduced into Barstool Athletes Inc, which now has over 125k followers on Instagram.

Gable Stevenson from Minnesota is just a younger version of Brock Lesnar:

Oh, and by the way, he is also a national champion.

Roman Bravo Young?

Another NCAA national champion. We have the best wrestling team in America.

We are pretty much on day 3 of Barstool Athlete Inc. and from the things I've been hearing is in the works it's going to be great. Not just for Barstool, but for the athletes and for the Stoolies. We are only 3 days in too! Here are some of the other athletes we picked up today:

Grace Waggoner, Indiana:

Ennis Rakestraw, Mizzou (SEC! SEC!):

Taylor Borup, Oregon:

Jordan Cornelius:

Janine Suris, Florida:

AOC (PMT Athlete), Creighton:

Jas Sievers, Oregon (our first mom of the Inc):

Warren Brinson, Georgia (4* in class of 2020):

Maycee Bell, UNC:

Will Levis, Kentucky:

Austin Deculus, LSU: