Uh Oh, Leon Rose And World Wide Wes Have The Entire NBA Scared That The Knicks Are Going To Land Chris Paul

You hear that everyone? That's the sound of Leon Rose and World Wide Wes having the entire league shaking in their britches. That's the sound of someone that so many people can't stand ready to make the Knicks a title contender. It's only fitting that Chris Paul ends up a Knick. Ever since Melo's wedding toast and all the rumors that followed that, Chris Paul was destined to be a Knick at some point in our life. I need it to happen. I'm willing to defend Chris Paul to my death. One of my all-time favorite players, whether it was at Wake, the Hornets, the Clippers, the Suns, just wherever he went, I loved him. Hell he's talked about how much the Garden means to him. 

The full Garden experience? Someone watched the playoffs. Someone saw the Garden going nuts even if the Knicks lost 4-1. We're past that though. We're onto finding the next piece. Right now we're going old school. We're talking ourselves into Quickley, RJ and a handful of picks for Dame or signing Chris Paul. Am I ready to get hurt again? Fuck yeah, I'm a Knicks fan. Am I believing they can pull it off? Fuck yeah, again, I'm a Knicks fan. They are different now though. They have the right front office. They have pieces. 

I don't care that Chris Paul is on the backend of his career. Look what he's done the last two years. The dude just wins and more importantly he's playing. That was one of the knocks on him. Get him with Julius and make the right picks again and let's get a title. Paul winning in Phoenix and the Knicks? Legend. Come on Chris, be a legend for me one time. 

In Leon we trust.