Victoria Turner Is A Real Life Legally Blonde Smoke BOMB With A Law Degree

The movie Legally Blonde hit the theaters almost 20 years ago. July 13th, 2001 to be exact. That is 20 years of inspiration for young girls growing up. This movie may have changed the culture for better and for always. It was a movie that told women everywhere that they could be both absolutely blazing hot and a lawyer. Victoria Turner here is living proof of that. I don't know anything about her. I tried googling. No interviews. No articles. Her bio simply states that she is a law graduate. Maybe she hasn't taken the bar exam yet because she is busy burning down instagram. I don't know. I am just glad that she is out there letting the world know that women can be models and lawyers. That is important. Here is some of her work for you to enjoy and share and inspire. 

And just a little tiktok for good measure