The Sexy, 'Homemade Beer Poster' Trend Is Sweeping The Nation

There's a trend going around right now where you take a sexy photo of yourself & then photoshop a beer brand over it to make it look like an authentic beer poster; the type you see in dorm rooms & garages & such. Then you post it with the hashtag #beerposter, #beerposterchallenge, etc. 

If you look those tags up yourself you'll see a wide array of homemade examples 'advertising' beer, liquor (and Mountain Dew complete with Dew tattoo, Hell yes,) to anime, cigs, trucks & beyond: 


Some of them don't even have the product in them but I appreciate the creativity nonetheless. Like who doesn't enjoy crackin' a cold one, eh? Ehhh?:

On the other hand, no need for photoshop when you've got all the products on the ready. Very on brand, I'd say:

Over at TikTok the trend has tons of posts with over 400M+ views combined, and the addition there is that you film your boyfriend receiving a physical print out of the poster & catch his reaction…


Anyways, I've been feeling a little down about myself lately (After having a baby your hormones go nuts. All of my hair is falling out, I suddenly have adult acne, a nurse at a follow-up described my stomach as 'soft and boggy', etc.)… 

So I figured why not go for it & try to make a poster of my own for Pat. With the right beer & styling it might boost my confidence a little bit and even spark some romance between us (boning) during a strange time. Plus, I suck at TikTok compared to other Barstoolers and it would be good to reel in some thirsty fellas for more followers. So here went nothing…


Here, you probably need one of these now:

Giphy Images.

Anyways, it was fun to go through & see the variations & women feelin' themselves. Ladies, fellas, dogs, whoever, if you want to do this yourself & need a photoshop tutorial I suggest you go with Caroline & her Pink Whitney.