All That's Left To Do Now Is Cry, Then Win #BarstoolVsAmerica

Showmance, CHECK. Getting angry on camera over a lack of respect, CHECK. I'm slowly but surely checking off the rest of my list to becoming the ultimate reality TV contestant. 

As I suspected, my other competitors are green with jealousy. They're furious they didn't think of it first. Acting out left and right, targeting me specifically:

All because I'm a romantic bitch? 

Look at Kayce's face!!! It could've been you, girl! I'm not fuckin' around anymore. I'm the new star of the show, and I'm taking Jeff with me. I want this money. No, I NEED this money. I'm done making friends and being cordial. I'm heading back to my roots - talking shit and making people uncomfortable. From here on out, I don't care about anything but winning. My reputation, my physical state, my emotional bandwidth, nothing. Money and the beach. I'll see you at the fucking shore.

Episode 4, tonight at 7pm. Don't miss it.