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Rumors Are Swirling That Kawhi Leonard Could Be Available For Game 6

Juan Ocampo. Getty Images.

Uhhhh I'm sorry, what? Either Kawhi is magically about to be back with the Clippers down 3-2 and their season on the line, or there's a troll working at CBS Sports that is drunk with power and wants to mess with Clippers fans. For what it's worth in previous games they did not list him as a game time decision. As of the writing of this blog the Clippers haven't tweeted out their injury report or anything so who the hell knows. What I do know is if this is in fact not true, that is mean as hell to do to Clippers fans. Especially with them coming off the huge win last night while they are high as hell with hope. Even if you get a 75% Kawhi that's better than no Kawhi. The Suns still have to pay attention to him if he's on the floor and that only helps open up things for everyone else. 

Honestly though, even with their season on the line, unless there is no possible way Kawhi could do further damage, I'm not sure it's worth it. They've proven they can win in this series without him. They are at home. Maybe you have him active but don't play him just in case. Then if you force a Game 7 with a spot in the NBA Finals on the line, have him give it a go. It would just suck if they play him early, he gets even more hurt and the Clippers somehow win and he has to miss the Finals. It's a tricky spot for sure, which is why I would maybe have him play only in the case of emergency. 

If this wasn't concerning enough for the Suns and their fans, you know Scott Foster is showing up in one of these final games. Could be Game 6, could be Game 7. Would anyone be shocked if Adam Silver did all he could to extend this series? He's not working the MIL/ATL game tonight. We all know CP3's history with that dude. That's why it was so important for them to handle their business last night, which they obviously didn't. You potentially add an active Kawhi to the mix and things could get very interesting.