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Tupac Is Alive Rumors Are All The Rage Again As Moronic TikTokers Spread Rumors That A Guy Who Couldn't Look Less Like Him Is Him

The Sun- Tupac fans are convinced the rapper is alive after a lookalike posted an extremely convincing video on TikTok - 25 years after his death.

The rapper was gunned down in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas as he headed to a gig back in 1996.

The star was hit four times - in the chest, arm and thigh - and died six days later.

There have been a number of conspiracy theories that he faked his own death and has since been hiding out in Cuba.

Meanwhile, the latest rumor comes in the form of a TikTok video.

In the lead up to Tupac's 50th birthday, @parisbrown424 managed to convince his followers he was the star.

Tupac's hit song, No More Pain, played in the background as he flashed a peace sign on camera.

The user captioned the post: "When people walk up to you and say look like 2pac. What y'all think?" Fans were quick to comment on the clip, which has gained over 80,000 likes.

No offense to this guy whatsoever. I'm sure he really does get the "you look like Bishop" line from strangers a lot.

But really TikTok?

If 2pac was still alive, I can tell you one place he without a shadow of a doubt would NOT be and that is tiktok.

Clem has done a good job of documenting the endless barrage of theories surrounding the belief that Tupac is still alive 25 years later and is just living his best Henry Hill life.

My personal favorites to come out over the years in no particular order:

- "Tupac switched with a double and was flown out of Las Vegas by helicopter after learning someone was planning to assassinate him." Filmmaker Rick Boss, the director of the documentary 2Pac: The Great Escape from UMC, claims Tupac is hiding out in New Mexico. "Let's just say Mr. Shakur — the family is aware of the movie, and they're okay with the title, so that should tell you more or less what's going on," Boss told Las Vegas TV station KTNV.

- Back in 2017, Suge Knight suggested to Ice-T in a TV interview that 2Pac was still alive and living the good life: "With Pac, you never know." Suge, who was with Tupac at the time of the shooting, previously said the rapper had spoken about faking his own death when they were on vacation.

His son, Jacob, has even claimed Pac is living in Malaysia and working on a new album.

- Somehow, despite Suge Knight, and the Shakur estate releasing a shit ton of posthumous material, there is still two albums worth of unreleased stuff being worked on. Back in 2018 it was slated that two new albums worth of songs would be coming out around 2020. That lead people to go wild with theories that Pac had been chilling somewhere overseas, recording new music that would be released that would reference current events and rappers proving that he was still in fact alive and well.

- That is nothing compared to the cult-like obsession back in 2003 that had tens of thousands of fans convinced Tupac was coming back that year. 

The idea that Tupac faked his death, and would return seven years later, was an all-consuming obsession. The "evidence" felt overwhelming: Tupac named his last album Makaveli: the 7 Day Theory, an interesting source of inspiration as its author, Niccolò Machiavelli, wrote in his masterpiece The Prince about faking death to fool your enemies.

Weirder still, Suge Knight wasn't listed as the record's executive producer, but "Simon" was, yeah, the first apostle to see Jesus rise from the grave. Tupac (who was shot in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996, and died on September 13) took seven days to die, and if you listen to "Hail Mary" loudly enough, you can hear someone whisper: "You think I'm dead?" around the three-second mark, followed by Tupac's slightly louder reply of: "Wait seven years!"

- Another great one is that he is in Cuba. Tupac's political revolutionary aunt, Assata Shakur, has been hiding from the FBI in Cuba since 1979 — a perfect location for her nephew to hide out in. Duh. 

Locals in Old Havana, Cuba, claimed that they have seen him walking around there, while videos of men that look like him have also emerged.

Meanwhile, conspiracy theorist Michael Nice has also said he and former President Fidel Castro helped to get Tupac into Cuba because there was a hit out on him.

Honestly, with the shit we have seen over the past few years, nothing would shock me anymore. 

Tupac could make a surprise appearance on American Idol coming out riding on a Brontosaurus' back holding hands with Elvis led by a procession of aliens and I wouldn't even bat an eye. 

But that said, clean it the fuck up tik tokers.