Brooks Koepka Says On SportsCenter That The Bryson DeChambeau Beef Is Beyond Repair

This beef just won't quit. Or Brooks just won't let it die at least. He's digging his heels in deeper and deeper by the day. What's it been, over a month now since Kiawah? And he's still doing spots on Sportscenter about it. Brooks had a fine US Open with the T-4 finish and everything, but there's really no reason for him to be doing a that spot on ESPN on a Tuesday afternoon other than to fan the flames on that rivalry. He knows people are getting a kick out of it and he (and Michelob Ultra) are laughing all the way to the bank about it.

Which leaves us with Bryson. There's really nothing left for him to do at this point than to truly lean into it. It's never going to go away as long as Brooks continues to keep it going. Today is yet another example that Brooks isn't stepping off the gas, so it's high time for Bryson to fight back. No more flip-flopping about how he feels about the "Brooksy" chirps, no more dodging questions (or even groupings) and taking the high road... he's gotta get more re-engaged in it and make something happen. This whole thing has continued to be a gigantic win-win-win for everyone who has leaned into it and stayed into it except for the big fella. Maybe that means taking Dave's bag for his match against Brooks, maybe it's a match play pay-per-view, idk. But something's gotta happen because this rivalry isn't going anywhere anytime soon.