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The USGA Reportedly Approached Bryson DeChambeau About Playing With Brooks Koepka At The US Open... And Bryson Declined! (UPDATE: Bryson’s Agent Says This Is Not True)


This is all anybody's been talking about for weeks now. This is the heavyweight match at a heavyweight course that we've all had circled twice over since that video from Kiawah leaked. All of that banter and back and forth about who owns real estate where was supposed to lead up to a showdown here at Torrey. Defending US Open Champion vs a guy who's got 2 of his own. We all waited with anticipation to see whether the USGA had the balls to set it up.

Well... if this report is true... it would certainly seem that the USGA did indeed have the balls to do it. But weirdly enough, they also felt the need to check in with Bryson before pulling the trigger? Why? I get that he's a defending champion and you'd like to maintain a good rapport with a guy representing your championship, but I don't really think the USGA should be consulting with players on who they are or aren't playing with. Only if the animosity were to be at a point where it might turn physical would that be a consideration, and I just don't think that's truthfully in the realm of possibilities with these guys. They're golfers. They wouldn't  actually scrap... would they??


The only reason I can really think NOT to do this grouping would be that it would be HELL for the 3rd guy in the group. The Brooksy chirps and the massive crowds that would've followed this group would have been wild. I'm fascinated by who they may have had in mind to deal with that kind of thing. Maybe Max Homa or a Phil Mickelson who could cut the tension with a wisecrack or two. I guess we'll never know. All I know is that this is an L for all of us viewers and an L for the game of golf. All we can do now is hope Brooks and Bryson find themselves in a late Sunday pairing and we get what we've all been waiting for after all.

UPDATE (11:11 AM): Grouping confirmed not happening.

UPDATE (11:22 AM): Reached out to Bryson's folks, this is the message I received: