Shaq Proved He's The Ultimate Hardo By Smoking Kenny Smith Directly In The Face Playing Dodgeball On Inside The NBA's Set

Step aside Smitty, there's a new dodgeball hardo in town. Also just step aside, because the Sixers can't stop collapsing, but that's neither here nor there. Shaq is just the ultimate hardo. Why were they playing dodgeball? No clue, not the point. Although I like to imagine Ernie is just fed up from time to time and needs to blow off some steam. The man loves baseball so maybe he thinks he can drill Chuck's ass and laugh about it. 

I know people like to rail on these guys because they don't 'prepare' and ramble about random shit. But that's why this is the best show on TV. I don't need intense breakdowns all the time. You just want to kick back, listen to two all-time greats and Kenny Smith shoot the shit, make fun of each other and get pissed at present day basketball despite doing the same thing. Charles, yes, you were a part of a superteam and forced your way to the Rockets. I want to see some dodgeball at 2am. I want to see Shaq smoke Kenny Smith in the face because I like to imagine Shaq is pissed that Kenny made fun of him. 

It just reminds me how awesome dodgeball was in gym class. My high school would split guys and girls during gym class which meant it was full on contact at all times and our gym teacher encouraging us to basically hit each other no matter the game. Just teeing off on someone in dodgeball is still a top feeling that's barely beating out catching a high fastball during dodgeball. Actually it's tough to beat that 1-2 combo. A catch, getting a teammate back in the game and immediately firing one back and smoking someone is a great feeling.