Troll God Aaron Rodgers Rocked a Shirt That Said 'I'm Offended' While Describing How Pleasant His Offseason Has Been

(nothing like the tweet you make the blog about getting DMCA'd as you hit publish, here's the video with the time stamp of the offseason quote)

Goddamn Aaron Rodgers is having a fucking blast this offseason, huh? The shade, the pettiness, the level of trolling, it's all on full display right now and he's loving it. This man is just sitting back watching the Packers' world burn with a giant smile on his face. Rocking the 'I'm Offended' shirt just days after Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy called him a "complicated fella." He knows exactly what he's doing and that is making a mockery of the entire Green Bay front office. 

Dude has been in Hawaii for weeks hanging out with his fiancée Shailene Woodley and taking in the summer. Probably plays golf daily to get ready for his 2v2 match versus Brady and Phil. While everyone else busts their ass at OTAs this guy is sitting back and enjoying the fruits of life. I can't imagine how enjoyable this must be from someone on the outside looking in. I've grown to accept he's gone so it's getting easier, but the first time I see Jordan Love drop back and miss a wide open Davante I'm gonna want to light myself on fire. Certainly deserve it after having Favre and Rodgers in my whole life, but this is just rude. 

Also don't care for Brady throwing up friendly alley oops like this…

I feel like if I set live odds for Rodgers to be the Packers starting QB Week 1 it would be something like no -1500 yes +1000. You take the yes and you're lighting money on fire.