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Bald Headed Phillies Fan Took A Liner Off The Dome Like A Champ

Way to freaking wear it. Listen, it should be illegal to be over the age of 12 and take a glove to the ballpark. However, there ain’t no shame in ducking out of the way when a projectile is SMOKED in your direction. Best case scenario there is his wife’s gonna be opening up his ketchup bottles for the rest of his life. The only difference between a baseball and a bullet is a bullet is fired out of a gun, so no thank you. I value my neck for a lot more than a major league baseball, chief. Nice clean and hard dome, though. I’m sure there was once a glorious civilization flourishing up there.

BONUS: Philly Wee Man is NOT happy his buddy couldn’t scoop up the foul ball. T-Rex needs one of those grabber things next time he goes to the park.