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E3 2021 Highlights - Halo Infinite Stole The Show, Battlefield 2042 Looks Great And The Xbox Is Back

This is the mood for the day. No doubt about it. Below this, I'm going to drop the Halo Infinite Trailer, but tomorrow we will be dropping an IGTV solely dedicated to Halo Infinite + a blog. Follow Gametime on IG if you don't already!

Battlefield 2042

This gameplay trailer is complete madness. There is SO much going on I'm not really sure where to begin. It's overwhelming to say the least.

Let's start with my favorite lil scene:

If you're able to change your attachments mid gunfight/mid-life that is groundbreaking. Depending on where you are on the map, you can adjust your gun for long range or short range optimization. I'm not sure if this is a specialist ability or not, but the transition looks very smooth. Small add-ons like this can really take Battlefield 2042 to the next level.

The map showcased with the trailer looks massive. We saw an entire war ensuing on the rooftops, just for the character to use his squirrel suit and fly away down below, which seemed to be a playable area. In these trailers, they like to jam-pack it with action, so I really hope there is not always aircraft/tanks on the battlefield. These can be frustrating to take out and can change gameplay significantly. The right amount of ground and air support can add a significant amount to the enjoyment of the game, however, you never want to go overboard.

The gameplay and graphics look very smooth, so I'm just waiting to see more or be able to play the beta next.



I'm a huge sucker for space games and Starfield looks revolutionary. On top of that, I'm a massive fan of Bethesda which makes me even more excited. If this game is similar to a Fallout 3 in space, then I may just have to become a Starfield streamer!

Starfield was one of those games that wasn't on my radar this morning, but easily got to the top of list after this trailer. Fingers crossed this game isn't another space-themed flop like No Man's Sky (huge potential, massive disappointment).

Among Us

This is one of those tweets you fire off and just cross your fingers and say, "Please get the joke." Among Us is getting an update with 15 players - meh. Too late in my opinion.

Giphy Images.

Square Enix

Square Enix is truly an unsung hero, as they always develop great games. This could be slightly biased on my part because Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was my favorite Gameboy Advance game.

They announced that they are developing a "Guardians of the Galaxy" third person action adventure game which will be releasing in late October 2021.

On top of that, Final Fantasy mobile games are coming this summer.

Biggest Winner of the Day - Xbox 

I can't believe I'm saying this, but the Xbox is back. Game Pass is probably the best deal in gaming right now and it's only available on Xbox. It's a subscription service where you can get over 100 games for $15 per month. These included some of the latest sport games and a TON of throwback gems. Xbox Series X exclusives are absolutely dominating Playstation 5. Shoutout to my brother, The King Of The North, who told me about this 6+ months ago.


We may have to get a Series X in HQ….let the console wars continue.

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What were you most excited to see from E3? Tweet me your thoughts.

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