On This Date In Gaming June 11, 2001 - The Gameboy Advance Was Released

Seeing this as 20 years ago is down right terrifying. I used to carry my Gameboy Advance with me everywhere playing Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Kirby, you name it. None of it would've been possible though without the worm light attachment.


It has to be one of the funniest things today to try to explain to the younger generation what our gaming consoles were like growing up. It's wild to think we need an attachable light in order to play at night. I remember when the Gameboy SP dropped and the lighting button was revolutionary.

The Pokemon games were obviously everyone's favorite games on the Gameboy, so I wanna mention some games that typically don't get the love they deserve.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced

I'm not sure how popular this game was, but it was one of my all-time favorite games. I know Ninja is a massive fan of the Final Fantasy Series and I can't get enough of this style of game. 

For those that haven't played, you basically have a squad of characters that each have different abilities, weapons, movement, etc. For example, some characters specialize in healing, so you'll equip them with a staff. Others are weak but accurate long range attackers, therefore you give them a bow and arrow. Some characters have brute strength, so you give them a sword/hammer. From each battle, you're characters are getting XP, ranking up and getting stronger. The development of your characters is a key element of the game.

FFTA - Iconic game

Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland


I don't remember this game a ton, but I do remember being obsessed with this game. Kirby is also a legend and still the cheapest character to use in Super Smash.

Maybe this is why I wear the headband….

Sonic Advance

I've never met a Sonic game I didn't like.

What's your favorite Gameboy Advance game?

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