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The proper way to watch tonight's $49.99 TikTok vs YouTube "Battle Of The Platforms" boxing extravaganza!

First off, if you haven't checked yet, I watched the weigh-ins last night and it seems like Bryce and Austin and Taylor and Vinnie and Coco and Shane and Louie and Shaka all made weight... And all the competitors look to be in tip-top shape... So tonight's pay-per-view is a go!

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(Sandals with socks are BACK!)

The undercard starts at 7 PM EST, so my suggestion would be to hit the couch around 6:50 and tune your TV to SHOWTIME On-Demand to watch the first 4 episodes of their new boxing documentary called "The Kings."

(If you get SHOWTIME, then this is for FREE.)

Episode 1 is titled "Ghetto to Glory to Gold" and it juxtaposes the meteoric rise of Ray Leonard after he won Olympic gold in 1976 to the hardscrabble road Marvin Hagler had to take to stardom.

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Episode 2 is titled "Flesh & Blood" and it highlights when Tommy Hearns was first crowned a champion and also recaps Sugar Ray's victory over Roberto Duran in the second of their 3 fights.

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Episode 3 is titled "The Will To Win" and talks about the eye injury that forced Leonard into the first of his many retirements, and remembers Duran's miraculous comeback after seemingly hitting rock-bottom.

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And finally, Episode 4 is titled "A Champion Never Quits" and spends most of the episode talking about Hagler vs Leonard, the controversial decision, and Hagler's frustration with not being offered a rematch.

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Each episode of The Kings is about an hour-long, so I would think (factoring in bathroom breaks) you should be all caught up by 11 PM… Which just so happens to be around the same time the main event of the Battle Of The Platforms should begin!!!!… Sooooooo I would quickly Uber Eats $49.99 worth of wings and then even more quickly turn the TV over to ESPN and watch the WBO Interim-Super Featherweight Title matchup between a heavily-favored 23-year-old young Southpaw superstar (and former featherweight champ) from Newark, NJ named Shakur Stevenson (15-0, 8 KOs) versus a relatively unknown 31-year-old African fighter named Jeremiah Nakathila (20-1, 16 KOs).

(And if you get ESPN, this is also for FREE.)

I know very little about Jeremiah Nakathila except that he throws very few punches per round.

That doesn't bode well against a very good defensive fighter like Shakur, who is actually right-handed but chooses to fight Southpaw so he has a tremendous amount of power in his jab that enables him to set up easy combinations. 

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Plus, Stevenson needs to keep winning in an impressive fashion in order to continue his upward trajectory in the junior lightweight division (Jamel Herring seems to be next on the horizon in a lead-up to a potential fight with Oscar Valdez), so I will throw a dart to pick where I think Shakur ends this and Round 4-6 is currently (+280) on my beloved Barstool Sportsbook.

And then… After all the real boxing is finished… I would recommend jumping onto your phone and getting the results of the TikTok thing.

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Enjoy the fights and take a report.