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ATTN DOC RIVERS: You Can't Say Ben Simmons Is A LOCK For DPOY And Not Have Him Guard Trae Young

It's time. No more bullshit. All season we've heard that Ben Simmons is a generational talent on defense and can lock down any opposing player 1 thru 5. Doc - Stop talking about it and start being about it. Stick Ben on Young. This is more than straight up talent or scheme. This is war. The Sixers attempted to stop the Hawks best attack with an rusty ass Revolutionary rifle in Danny Green when they have a Fat Man in Simmons and possibly a Little Boy with Thybulle ready to explode.  

Will it work? I don't even know. But something has to happen other than what took place for most of last game. I mean, look at this shit by Trae Young. LOOK AT IT. 

44 points for the Hawks in just 7 min when Danny Green was on Trae Young. That's simply preposterous. And don't give me the "BUT BEN MAY FOUL OUT GUARDING YOUNG! WAHHH!!!" Fuck that. You gotta at least try. And if it's looking like every call is going Young's way then try something with Thybulle or full on zone or ANYTHING than Danny Green. You can't go back to what we saw in Game 1. It would be the definition of insanity. And it would be one thing if simply starting Matisse over Danny would hinder the Sixers offensive production but Green TOOK ZERO FUCKING SHOTS IN THE FIRST HALF OF GAME 1. Can't really miss out on points that never have a chance to exist. 

It'll be OK. The Sixers are the better team and still should win in 6 games or less. Those are just the facts. Keys To Game 2 Victory: Put Ben Simmons on Trae Young and give Joel Embiid the ball every single offensive possession. I repeat: Every. Single. Offensive. Possession. Stop falling into the trap of trying to match the Hawks 3 for 3. Let Jojo Eat. They were double and triple teaming him to no avail in Game 1. Go to the line 10 times in the first quarter while getting Clint and Co in foul trouble. They can't stop it. Play your game, Sixers, and all will be well.

Rone and I are discussing all this and more now on Twitter Spaces for First Time, Long Time. Come thru. We'll hang up and listen.