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Yankees Fans Are In Full Meltdown Mode And I'm Here For It

Let's rewind it back to a little over a year ago. Marty Mush, that rat bastard, stuck his nose in White Sox business on Barstool Radio:

The truth is he wasn't all that wrong. But nobody is allowed to shit talk the White Sox except for White Sox fans themselves. Look, we get that the White Sox have lost a lot until the last 120 games or so. We get that we have a 100 year old manager. We get that our fanbase is a bunch of scumbags. We fully understand all of that. But we wear that shit on our chest like a badge of honor. Like a marine has semper fidelis tattooed on his left tit. We embrace is, we love it, and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

So when Mush opened his mouth, I knew it was going to be no holds barred moving forward, especially with how good the White Sox were projected to be in the coming years. I was ready for the gutter war that was going to be me and White Sox fans vs. those greasy gabagool wife beater wearing losers from NY. Bring it the fuck on.

That's where my Yankee hatred comes from. If Mush hadn't ever opened his mouth and if that little runt Hubbs didn't go and talk shit, I wouldn't really care about the Yankees at all. Sure, I'd have a morning chuckle with myself at their complete mediocrity while reading Fangraphs and taking my morning shit, but not anymore. I BASK in their mediocrity, I bathe in their shittiness and I stew in the tears of their fans.

That's why opening up the Barstool Backend and 8am today made my day. Take a look at these blogs:

Laugh out loud funny. It's a complete melt down in The Bronx right now. People are calling for the manager and GM's head and gasp even a complete tear down of the roster: 

Wow! A scorched earth rebuild for The Bronx Bombers? GTFO!!! They don't rebuild, they reload. All the money in the world, all the best free agents want to play there, and other teams wish they could be them. But now there's at least some fans clamoring for a rebuild!!! What a world!!! Scorched earth rebuilds are reserved for loser teams and orgs like THE White Sox!! 

It's a sad time in The Bronx. It's just not the organization it used to be. If you're 22ish years or younger, you know the Yankees as being the perennial underachievers. Chief compared them to the Maple Leafs the other day. No idea how accurate that is as I don't know a thing about hockey, but I'll take his word for it. Sad days. Sad sad days for the Yankees and their fans.

Oh and yes I know they swept the White Sox a few weeks back. People keep telling me I should be "embarrassed" and the truth is, they're right. Myself, Sox fans and White Sox players themselves are all embarrassed that they played like dog shit for 3 straight games against a statistically mediocre club. Thank god it wasn't against a team they will be battling for playoff position with come September though. That would have been brutal. We'll just chalk it up to 3 stinkers, even though two of the games were coin flips. Still though, can't lose to shitbag teams like the Yankees.