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The 13th Round- Floyd Mayweather Hasn't Really Knocked Anyone Out Since 2007

Just something to keep in mind for people who are either stunned by Logan Paul or disappointed in Floyd Mayweather's performance in last night's snoozer.

Floyd Mayweather hasn't really knocked anyone out since 2007.

I'll explain, but first I will nip in the bud the inevitable comment- "Wrong, large… Mayweather knocked out his baby-mama in 2010."

He certainly did, and he served some time for it, but that doesn't mean he's exempt from being ridiculed for being a cowardly woman beater at one time.  


None of the women Floyd may (or may not) have beaten up since 2007 were professional fighters, so they don't count.

I also don't count his 10th Round TKO versus Conor McGregor in 2017 because I feel Conor deserved to be in that ring even less than some of Floyd's ex-girlfriends.

Christian Petersen. Getty Images.

Conor used to be a great MMA fighter and is probably still a devastating striker, but he hadn't boxed since he was a kid, and that lopsided matchup shouldn't count as a real fight… My opinion.

Before Conor, Mayweather went the distance in beating the following real boxers by decision:

  1. Welterweight Andre Berto (2015)
  2. Welterweight Manny Pacquiao (2015)
  3. Welterweight Marcos Maidana (twice in 2014)
  4. Light Middleweight Canelo Álvarez (2013)
  5. Welterweight Robert Guerrero (2013)
  6. Light Middleweight Miguel Cotto (2012)

And then there was his 2011 matchup versus Victor Ortiz which went down in the record books as a 4th Round KO that probably deserves an asterisk because of the way it went down.

In the fourth round of a fight that Mayweather was controlling, a frustrated Ortiz jammed Mayweather in the face with an intentional headbutt.  The ref quickly called timeout and docked Ortiz a point for the foul. 

As the fight resumed, Ortiz approached Mayweather in the center of the ring and gave Mayweather an apologetic hug. 


After apologizing, Ortiz had his hands down, and Mayweather unloaded a quick 1-2 to Ortiz's chin. 

Ortiz dropped and was unable to beat the ref's 10-count.

The crowd was stunned and disappointed at what looked like a 'cheap shot', but Floyd said post-fight, "In the ring, you have to protect yourself at all times… After it happened, we touched gloves and we were back to fighting." 

And Floyd was 100% right… There's no timeout for apologetic hugs after you blatantly headbutt someone in the face in boxing… But maybe you can also see why there is an asterisk on that defenseless KO.

Again… In my opinion.

Mayweather offered Ortiz a rematch, but I think Victor chose to 'star' in one of the Expendables movies with Ronda Rousey instead.

But back to Floyd's timeline… Before Ortiz, Mayweather beat Sugar Shane Mosely and Juan Manuel Márquez by unanimous decision in 2010 and 2009, respectively.

SO you have to go ALLLLLLLLLLL the way back to the evening of December 8th, 2007 to find Floyd's last legitimate knockout of a professional fighter.

That night, Mayweather beat the snot out of one of my favorite boxers of all time, English folk hero Ricky Hatton, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada to retain his WBC and The Ring welterweight titles.

Even though their boy lost miserably, the UK fans refused to leave the arena… Here's the iconic Hatton chant at his Pac fight…

So what is my point here?

Floyd Mayweather had a professional record of 50-0 with 27 KOs that I just whittled down to 25 (in my own head)… Meaning that in his prime he was knocking out guys roughly his height and weight only 50 percent of the time.

Fast forward to last night and I think the only thing that would guarantee us a knockout with the dimensional differences between Logan and Floyd would've been if Paul stepped in the ring against a guy who was a knockout machine… And I want you to all know now, after the fact, that Mayweather has never been that guy.

So if you're disappointed by the lack of fireworks or your overly impressed with a guy half Mayweather's age and twice his size being able to hug him for the final 4 rounds, then you just don't know Floyd.

And that's why he was able to rob you of $50.

Giphy Images.

Take a report.


For those of you who want to hear real boxers talk about real fights, I will be back on Sirius today… I am co-hosting "At the Fights" with Gerry Cooney and Commissioner Randy Gordon at 1 PM EST on Fight Nation channel 156. 

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