Mark Scheifele Just Bulldozed Jake Evans With A Vicious Hit In The Final Minute Of Game 1


That is one of the more vicious full-speed hits we've seen in quite some time. My goodness. People are arguing on Twitter (Gasp! No way!) about if it was clean or not and after watching it a few times I think that hit totally sucks. People will always debate "clean or dirty" and never agree, but when it comes to this and how he made zero effort to make a play on the puck and instead landed a very unnecessary blow, I lean dirty. It looks like he just lined him up preparing to land a big hit at the end of the game. Here is the other angle in slow-motion that solidified my opinion:




Some people are saying it was a hit to the chest, not the head. It's so hard to tell sometimes, and often the body naturally rises up from the chest to the head, and you can definitely see head movement, so I don't know. These things are always tricky and you'll have one guy saying completely clean and another guy saying kick him out of the league.

I agree with Peter here:



The NHL generally butchers things like this so I'm curious where they'll come down on it. Wouldn't shock me if he got 1 game, wouldn't shock me if he got the rest of the series. I know if SCCTW did this he'd miss all 82 plus the post-season, no doubt. We'll see what sort of treatment Scheifele gets, but I'm expecting them to come down hard on him. And if not, the players will handle it themselves:



Evans was stretchered out, so good thoughts his way.