Little Darlings Strip Club In Vegas Is Now Accepting Ugly Girls Due To The Stripper Shortage Shocking The Nation



At first I was going to post the gif of the weirdo girl going "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" yelling at the sky, but then I realized, shit, this is pretty funny. 

Imagine you and your buddies are all set for a wild weekend in Vegas. You cashed out all of your $AMC money and decided to take a boys trip to beautiful Las Vegas to hit the tables, hit the pool parties, and when the alcohol was coursing through your veins, hit the strip club to see what could happen next. So you call an Uber, everyone is high fiving and having a great time like that scene in Always Sunny, and then you walk into the strip club and it's just ugly girls everywhere. But guess what? You have a great time anyway. You're a scumbag, what do you care? The buffet is open and these girls standards could not be lower. It's a match made in heaven. Why go to the Rhino where everything is made of diamond and crystal when you can go to Little Darlings and see Diamond and her daughter, Crystal. 

Vegas ain't all about winning, it's about memories. And besides, that billboard is probably just for publicity like this blog anyway, but guess what? It worked. Now I want to go there to see the ugly chicks. Maybe I'll finally have a chance, if you know what I mean. (Sex.)