RJ Barrett Has No Time For Your Stupid Ass Questions About How He Views The Knicks Season If They Lose Tonight

TALK THAT SHIT, RJ! TALK THAT SHIT!!! I've loved watching RJ develop as a player over the last two years, but seeing a quiet Canadian kid add some fuck outta here New York edge in the blink of an eye has me proud as fuck. 

These are the exact types of vibes we need before tonight's elimination game. The New York media will have all offseason to criticize every single thing that every player did during the playoffs. But let's keep them those sharks at bay as long as possible and maybe shut up Clint fucking Capela from talking shit for at least one more game. Is that too much to ask? 

I don't love everyone running with this like it's a guarantee for a win because my entire childhood was littered with Patrick Ewing guarantees that came up brutally short. But I like that RJ has some fight in him in front of the cameras that HOPEFULLY translates to the court tonight. Just give me a chance to convince my dumb brain that the Knicks can win in Atlanta after the two gross losses last weekend.