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We Have Major Updates On Survivor Season 41 - Cast, Title, Duration, And More

Martin Holmes from Inside Survivor has had the Season 41 updates flying in recently over on his website. I'm not sure how he's so tuned into every single thing happening on the show, but he's by far the best insider for updates like this. Let's go through some of the news

Season 41 will be shortened from 39 to 26 days

My initial thought is that I hate this. I wrote about this a month ago and stand by everything I said in it. Survivor being 39 days is part of the fabric of the show. "39 days. __ people. ONE Survivor" is Survivor canon. While I'm not someone who watches Survivor for the literal "survival" aspect of it, I do think that having those 13 extra days deteriorate the bodies and minds of the players is a huge part of the show. There's a chance this won't impact our week to week watching too much. There's still 18 players. There will still be immunity challenges and tribal councils. The only thing we might lose is some reward challenges which I don't personally care too much about. But still, after this long Survivor hiatus, the last thing we want is less Survivor. Hopefully, this change is just a product of COVID and won't be permanent. 

Season 41 will have no themed titled, simply going by "Survivor 41"

I am perfectly fine with this change. With Survivor basically permanently setting up camp in Fiji, location titles are obviously off the table. And I was getting tired of the forced, cliche themes. I think we can all agree that "Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers" was a jump-the-shark moment. I hope this means there's no weird theme and twists at all. No Edge of Extinction. No fire tokens. No Redemption Island. Just good old-fashioned Survivor

There will be 18 new castaways split into 3 tribes

Again, I'm thinking that maybe there's no specific division between the tribes, a la Brains vs. Brauns vs. Beauty. It could just be randomly split up like the old days. That's what I'm hoping for. No need for forced themes. Let's get back to the basics. 

We have the full rumored cast (via Inside Survivor)

We don't have any info on the contestants other than what's above. As you can see, this is the first Survivor season adhering to the new CBS guidelines of having at least 50% of their reality show participants be minorities in an effort to be more inclusive. I have heard rumors from people inside the Survivor community that this could be a politically and socially charged season given the events of the past year. I'm just hoping for Survivor to be Survivor so we'll see what happens. If I'm doing a blind winner pick just based off this, I'll take Naseer. 

It will air on Wednesday nights at 8 in the fall

Sticking to its usual time slot. We don't have an official premiere date for Season 41, but it's fair to assume that it'll be some time in mid-to-late September. 

“It’s a brand new game, fast-paced, super dangerous, very difficult to win, and absolutely entertaining to watch."

That quote comes from Jeff Probst. What does it mean? I have no idea. It could just mean a whole lot of nothing. The "fast-paced" part likely pertains to the season only being 26 days though. 

Season 42 Is Currently Being Filmed

There was a report that the filming of Season 42 hit a snag due to a rise in Fiji COVID cases, but production seems to be underway. Jeff released a video from there yesterday commemorating the debut of Survivor: Borneo 21 whole years ago. 

There are currently no other details available about the season. 

So that about wraps it up. A ton of updates. But the most important thing is this: