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Remember That Prospect Who Brutally Attacked The Umpire With His Bat? He Was Arrested And Banned From Baseball And All Other Recreational Activities In The Dominican Republic

I'd say this punishment fits the crime. Elvis LeBron has been identified as the Cubs prospect that the entire internet saw brutally attack an umpire with his bat and helmet this week and it sounds like he got the book thrown at him down in the Dominican Republic. First off, his parents must have googled "Famous People In America" and found "Elvis" to go along with his last name of LeBron to make maybe the most American name out there. It really doesn't get more American than that. Turns out he was arrested right after his ejection and could be charged with attempted murder for his vicious attack. 

He was a Cubs prospect (keyword WAS) and the article said he was known for his bad sportsmanship and behavioral issues on the field and you can see that it was the truth. He attacked the umpire with his bat after some back and forth conversations, literally beats him, throws his helmet at the umpire after he falls to the ground, causes a whole big incident. Now he'll never play baseball again. The Dominican League banned him from any baseball or recreational activities for the rest of his life and it's hard to argue that. Someone who does something like this should be allowed to have a weapon like a bat in his hands, he should be behind bars. See ya, Lebron, no more sports or outside life for yo. 

Meanwhile, the umpire FINISHED umping the game! He did eventually go to the hospital and got checked out but he got attacked with a bat, got a helmet thrown at him, got up and finished the game. NHL referee prob misses at least a playoff series or 2, this umpire dusted himself off and went back to doing his job. Someone get this man the white wristband that Joe West wore a few years back.