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I Don’t Care How Bad The Umpire’s Call Is You Can’t Beat Him With Your Bat

Perfect example of what you can‘t do on a baseball diamond, no matter how bad the call is. Hector Gomez tweeted this out and if we’re being honest this batter should be hit with every assault charge possible and thrown in jail. Apparently this guy was a Cubs signee who has since has his contract terminated, can’t really fault them for that. No matter how bad Angel Hernandez is, attacking with a bat is a no no. 

Theres an obvious disagreement between batter and umpire, the ump is trying to keep the game going but the chatter keeps going on. We were so close to having the game go on too, he steps in the box, we get a pitch and thats when the talking continues. Ump throws him out and the batter charges the ump, shoves him, hits him with the bat and all hell breaks loose. The helmet is thrown at him, benches clear and it’s mayhem. To channel my inner Schefter, Assault.

You just can’t do this, nope. Just can’t attack an umpire with a bat, that’s how you get banned for life in any league.