SNL Is Streaking! Colin Jost and Michael Che Closed Out The Season By Trading "Offensive" Jokes And It Was Gold

Would you look at that? Two episodes in a row we're blogging funny stuff from SNL. Last weekend it was the Michael Jordan Last Dance sketch, and this week it's Weekend Update.

How refreshing to hear comedians not be afraid of offending anybody? On national TV no less! 

Call me crazy but did SNL figure it out these last two weeks? Two in a row means a streak which means momentum. Exactly what you want to take into the locker room. Regroup, build on these wins, and come out next season guns blazing. Can the stale political shit. It's not funny and hasn't been for a while because the real-life version is much more comedic unintentionally. Stick to bizarre, over-the-top sketches and let the weirdo's (in a good way) from Second City shine. Keep going to the well with the borderline offensive stuff, that's what plays. Pretty simple recipe Lorne. Get back to basics.